The Hex Bubbles

An improved but slightly miniature version of the big bubble, these unique single room + ensuite domains are held up with air frames and do not require and air lock. They have day and night 360 degree views and privacy curtains.

Made of durable clear plastic with air con and heating, the hex bubbles require no constant fans and are kept inflated all the time.

Each Hex bubble contains ultra modern furniture and a king-size bed with electric blanket.

Has outdoor furniture setting for two and a private firedrum. For $25 extra we provide 30kg of firewood and light your fire for you.

An ensuite set with hand basin is provided so you dont have to leave the tent.

Quality linen, air conditioning, esky, heating and bluetooth speaker are all included. NB - no flyscreen, so be prepared for a few harmless insects wanting to get into the bubble if you leave it open - especially at night!

From $189 low season. Sleeps max 2 (Hex 1 sleeps 3 with a stretcher included).

Booking instructions

You can book more than one cabin or any other room at the same time. If you qualify for a group booking we will refund you 10%.